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The End of the roaming between Mainland France and Overseas Territories

The End of the roaming between Mainland France and Overseas Territories

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Law No. 2015-1268 of 14 October 2015 updating the rights of overseas which will come into force on 1 January 2016 puts an end to roaming or roaming charges between mainland France and overseas territories.
Thus, there will be no extra cost associated with voice calls or SMS for ultramarine when they come to Metropolis or for Metropolitan moving Overseas!
For Kryptoow Telecom is a major step forward: therefor all Departments and Territories Outer Islands can now use our services without fearing any extra cost to call for less Europe, Asia, Africa and the America!

How it works?


The  French overseas customer who wants to call to a mobile anywhere in the world, while enjoying the competitive rates of Kryptoow Telecom
1. buys his World, Maghreb or Africa calling card on the Online Store.
2. receives immediately, by email and SMS, PIN code and access number.
3. calls in his package and without changing his subscription, the access number, dial the PIN and the number of the caller.
It’s easy, 100% secure with Mercanet BNP PARIBAS payment gateway and very competitive with our rates.


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