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greetings seasons

Thank you for your loyalty

In this Greeting’Seasons, 

Our thoughts go to you all,
who where actors of our successes.

Thank you for your confidence!

Thanks to you, your confidence and your purchases, we have overcome our doubts and questions about the relevance of our product to meet your needs.
While our competitors like Facebook owner of whatsapps, Microsoft owner of viber, …, refuse to rate the voice which is the heart of our activity, we were able to meet your expectations on the quality, the availability of a after-sales service and continuity of service. Indeed, with kryptoow telecom your conversation is not interrupted inadvertently by incoming calls.

We have invested in a new look website

This confidence in our future has just materialized in the complete redesign of our website.


A modern graphic design,
Clean lines and wider images,
A direct acces to your products from the homepage!

En trois clics, vous avez fait vos achats ….Simplicité, gain de temps et fiabilité.

New value added services

Soon, we enable sending airtime and credit to the mobile account of any loved one in France, Europe, Africa and elsewhere.

Your money in in secure hands, send for a dedicated use and your loved one receive in realtime and you are informed by SMS.


More than 120 countries, in the most remote corners
Best offers suitable for any situation
Reliable, secure, …., available 24 hours a day! 

Bonnes Fêtes de Noël, Excellent Réveillon ….et à très vite pour l’Année Nouvelle

Do not forget : Kryptoow is the Calling Crad to say Happy Holidays!

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