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kryptoow telecom, COP21 compliant!

kryptoow telecom, COP21 compliant!

While the World Nations are currently meeting in Paris to save the planet from global warming, many companies offer innovations to “decarbonise” the economy.

kryptoow télécom réalise vos reves

Kryptoow Télécom, a carbon free operator.

Kryptoow Telecom, which offers since 2010 dematerialized prepaid phone cards for cheaper calls anywhere in the world, is natively compliant COP21 from the beginning.
The basic principle of our approach is to provide you with uniquely secure and confidential code that allows you to authenticate your call, call cheap and secure your account with us.
We’ll show below all stages of this complex process.

The proof

The cards production

Competition produces physical calling cards and uses a film to mask the occulting PIN. Once the code revealed, the scratched card is good to throw away, its function being completed.

Kryptoow Télécom – No occulting mask to hide the PIN, which is securely stored in our servers.

Maghreb et Moyen-Orient

The logistics of the calling cards

Competition once physical calling cards produced, packages them, spends carboned energy to deliver in a repository that is responsible for the dispatcher into the retailer’s shopes.

Kryptoow Télécom – The pin code is delivered by email and by sms  to end customers and by electronic means to the retailers. carte_telephoner_moins_cher_afrique_20

Sale of the cards

You can easily imagine the amount of CO2 generated by all clients going to buy the cards in the shops.

Kryptoow Télécom – We sell mainly online in the Boutique and in some shops. carte_telephoner_moins_cher_monde_20

Le recyclage des cartes

Competition needs to encourage customers to separate the waste and to recycle cards.

Kryptoow Télécom – No need to recycle anything.

Consume without moderation

Just select one calling card below according to your need.




For business

kryptoow femme appel pas cher

Uses Kryptoow Télécom as your VoIP operator with first class devices (SNOM) and SIP client (3CX).

Reduce your bill by 40 and 60%  on your international calls.

For more informations, go to APPS or contact us immédiately!