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Why our rates increased?

femme au téléphone

Faced with the rising rates since April 1, 2016, kryptoow telecom explains…

Dear customers,

We thank you for your confidence and for taking the time, for some, to write.
Indeed, we are experiencing a sharp rise of our suppliers and regret. The increase of rates relates to Benin, Cameroon, Mali, Cuba and other highly requested destinations by our customers.
We have sought and found cheaper roads, the quality was not at the rendezvous. Some suppliers subtract time while customers did not hear anything.
These were all reimbursed in accordance with our commitments.
We’re committed to providing a quality service and to display greater transparency on the actual time card communication. That’s what we did, with roads a little higher and guarantee your calls.
Nevertheless, we remain still competitive compared to all incumbents and hope you will stay loyal to us.

Hoping to have answered your questions, we wish you good calls on lines of Kryptoow Telecom.

Best regards

The direction

A customer feedback

Dear Madam, Mr,

I acknowledge receipt of your email and thank you for your responsiveness and clarity of your answers.
I understand the information you have provided me.
Although your rates are competitive with other operators, it is normal to be alarmed of such a reduction in the number of minutes of calls.
Especially, as the commitment ok Kryptoow is to ensure long distance calls at a competitive price and for long time.
However, be assured that I will remain faithful to Kryptoow as the competition will not offer better rates for these calls for Benin.


Miss T. M.