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Why it is so easy to call with kryptoow telecom?

Why it is so easy to call with kryptoow telecom?

Because we are daily users of Kryptoow Telecom for international calls, in addition to the website that made its winter moult, we have enhanced interactive voice response.

You noticed for example the new logo, simpler that speaks by itself!


appels internationaux et recharge pour mobile

Only one phone and one subscription are enough!

Whether you have a phone plan or a Wi-Fi connection, our prepaid phone cards work within all traditional operator packages.

Thus, you simply dial the access number that is in the unlimited offer to access the network of Kryptoow Telecom. No need to change SIM or phone to be able to call your relatives abroad without blowing up your budget.

Moreover, with Easydialer, in France and around the world, and as soon as you are connected to the Internet, your calls are at the same rate everywhere and without the additional cost of roaming.

A pincode entered only once

As you know, we need the 10-digit PIN to authenticate your calls. The code is entered only once, on first use of the card, if you use the same phone, fixed or mobile, to call. This is one of the facilities you have enjoyed in recent years.

New functions to make your life easier

You just need to finish a call: :

  • By * (star) and 1 (one) to dial a new destination when dialed the access number..
  • By * (star) and 2 (two) to redial the same old destination.
  • By * (star) and 3 (three) to hear the balance..
  • By * (star) and 4 (four) to enter a new PIN to use a new card.
  • By * (star) and 5 (five) to Topup a cards balance with another card.

Buy your card in three clicks and call immediately!

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Buy your recharge for Easydialer

Anywhere, anytime as you have an internet connection, download our app, buy your credit and call immediately.

You can install Easydialer on smartphone, tablet or computer. Your credit can also be used with SIP phones.

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