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Happy New Year with 10% discount and a tutorial for ZOIPER

Happy New Year with 10% discount and a tutorial for ZOIPER

Happy New Yeay 2017

zoiper pour kryptoow
With the New Year, we are happy wish you a good health, many success in your business and wealth for your loved ones.

We are also happy to provide a tutorial for using ZIOPER on kryptoow télécom and 10% discount on all destinations rates.

How to set up and use ZOIPER with Kryptoow Télécom

At the general request, I designed for you a tutorial explaining how to configure and use ZOIPER on Kryptoow telecom.

Indeed, wherever you live, in the office, on a roadtrip, in a hotel and even in some restaurants, you can use our application to make cheap international calls. This is very useful when you are traveling: this avoids the costs of roaming and especially weighs on the telephone budget of your hosts.


10% discount until 31st December 2017

We apply a 10% discount on the rates for all your calls. No need to enter any discount code!
Take advantage of this to order your card now!

Happy New Year, from Olivier S., Sylvie maréchal and The Team